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Is the Bible true? How do we know? Study evidence like prophecy and archaeology. What does the evidence reveal?

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10 Commandments
Is there a list of moral standards by which we can base our life and morals? Find the list here.

10 Commandments 2
The foundation of civil and criminal laws throughout the world.

10 Commandments Video
As an 80-year-old man, Moses climbed Mount Sinai at least four times. Is this significant?

Abrahamic Covenant
Read where God gave special favor to Abraham and his descendants. What was the basis for this covenant?

Acts of the Apostles
What is the purpose of this book of the Bible? Read a summary here and understand its purpose in the overall Bible.

Adamic Covenant
What was this covenant all about? What was the result of the sin that occurred in the Garden of Eden? Find out here.

Bible Codes
Discover evidence of traditional and tested examples of supernatural design and integration that leap from the pages of God’s Word.

Bible Codes 2
Can we discover more in the Bible that meets the eye?

Bible Contradictions
Are there errors in the Bible that we read today? If so, what does that really mean?

Bible Contradictions Video
Are there contradictions in the Bible, and if so, how do you explain them? Mike Licona explains.

Bible Origin
Where did the Bible really come from? What does divinely inspired really mean?

Bible Origin Video
Is the Bible true? This abundance of New Testament manuscripts gives credibility to its accuracy.

Bible Prophecy
Compare the biblical prophecies of Daniel with secular history. You will see incredible accuracy as you study these texts.

Bible Prophecy 2
Is there evidence for God’s Word or is it no more than an elaborate hoax? Study the evidence in Daniel.

Bible Prophecy 3
Daniel 11:1-19 predicts a concise history, detailing the Near East, from Alexander the Great to Antiochus the Great.

Bible Translations
Learn about the five major translations of the English Bible. Study what sets them apart from each other?

Bible Truth
A look at the legitimacy and integrity of the entire Bible. Check out the whole story here.

Bible Truth Video
What does the evidence of history, archaeology, and prophecy reveal about Biblical inspiration, trustworthiness, and authenticity?

Biblical Prophecy
A look at some predictions in the Jewish scriptures that were fulfilled in secular history.

Christian Prophecy
The Jewish Messiah revealed in the Jewish Scriptures. A Jewish perspective on discovering the truth of Yeshua as Savior and Lord.

Christian Prophecy Video
In this segment, Chuck Missler discusses the probability of one man fulfilling 48 prophecies. What is the probability?

Covenants in the Bible
What are the covenants taught in the Bible? Why are they important? Who are they between? Find out info here.

Davidic Covenant
Were there conditions to this covenant between God and David? Read the text and a summary of this important covenant.

Four Gospels
Why are there four Gospel books? What is the purpose of each? Who wrote them and what is their message?

General Epistles
What is the meaning of these books of the Bible? What distinguishes this section from the other letters?

History Of Israel
What major events occurred between its birth as a nation about 4000 years ago to today? How does the Bible fit in?

History of Israel Video
Randall Niles looks at the ancient prophecies of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah in light of current events in the Jewish state of Israel.

Holy Bible
The ancient books that make up the Old and New Testaments are integrated in a very special way.

Holy Bible Video
Is your life inspired by the Scriptures? David Bowden shares about the power of God's words.

How to Understand the Bible
Do you get confused when you read the Bible? Find helpful tips for understanding how the Bible was written and what it means.

Inspiration of Scripture
What does this biblical phrase mean? Why is it important in our understanding of biblical authority? Find out here.

Is The Bible True?
How do we test the Bible for its claim of divine authorship?

Is The Bible True? 2
How do we test the Bible for its claim of divine authorship?

Is the Bible Relevant?
Why is the Bible still relevant to people today? Why do people still buy it and read it? Find out helpful information.

Is the Bible True Video
What does the evidence of history, archaeology, and prophecy reveal about Biblical inspiration, trustworthiness, and authenticity? You gotta watch this short video clip.

King James Bible
Truly we have living proof that the beauty and inerrancy of God’s Word has been safeguarded over the centuries.

King James Bible Video
Listen to 100 phrases from the King's English in 3 minutes. Be encouraged with the heritage.

Lost Gospel
Is there really a lost Gospel of Judas? What are the facts? Does this book line up with other criteria?

Lost Gospel Video
Are the correct books in the Bible? Dr. Geisler shares with Bobby how Christians can be sure of the canon of Scripture.

Major Prophets
Which books fall into this category? Why are they important in our lives today? Find out God’s purpose for them.

Messianic Prophecies Video
Randall Niles shares 40 prophecies of a coming Messiah in the Jewish scriptures (Old Testament).

Messianic Prophecy
Who were the Jewish people waiting for? Check out the prophetic evidence for yourself.

Messianic Prophecy 2
What's the truth behind the Old Testament prophecies of a coming Savior?

Minor Prophets
Which biblical characters are considered minor prophets? Why are they called minor? What does it mean?

Moral Ethics
How do we make moral decisions? Is it a question of relativity? Or is it a question of absolute truth?

Moral Ethics 2
Morals and ethics have taken a big hit lately in the public forum. Where did we go wrong?

Moral Ethics 3
Does morality apply to everyone in the same way? Should it?

Moral Ethics Video
Randall Niles examines the conflicting concepts of moral relativism and universal truth as they are applied by many people today.

Mosaic Covenant
What is the covenant that was created between God and Israel? Find out the facts and the terms of this covenant.

New Covenant
What is the difference? What does this new covenant mean? How does it impact us personally?

New Testament Survey
Find helpful information about the New Testament. Why was it written? Find out here.

Noahic Covenant
What was this covenant all about? Find out what the Bible says about Noah and the flood that came to cleanse the earth.

Old Testament Survey
Why is the Old Testament important? What books are included and why is the message important? Find info here.

Old Testament Survey Video
What is the big picture of the Old Testament? Discover the people, places, and events of the Old Testament in a fun and interactive forum.

Origin Of The Bible
How can we know that the Bible translations we read today are the same as the originals?

Origin of the Bible Video
You have to see this short video clip on ancient manuscripts and how they were created! Check out how many manuscripts of the New Testament have been found! It will blow your mind!

Palestinian Covenant
What was this renewal or amendment that is mentioned in Deuteronomy 29 and 30? Find info here.

Poetic Books of the Bible
Discover why God included poetry in the Bible? Why is it important? Read summaries of the poetic books of the Old Testament.

The background of this Greek transaltion commissioned in Egypt in about 250 BC.

Septuagint 2
What is this translation of the Jewish Scriptures? Why is it so powerful for manuscript credibility? Why is it important?

The Book of Revelation
Discover how this book of the Bible applies to you today. What is its purpose and messages to you?

The Epistles of Paul
Why is this section of the Bible important? What is the purpose of it? Find helpful insight into Paul’s letters.

The Epistles of Paul 2
What is the purpose of this portion of the Bible? What is Paul’s message to us in these letters?

The Historical Books of the Bible
What is the purpose of these books of the Bible? Why are essential in understanding Jesus and His purpose for coming?

The Pentateuch
What biblical books are included in this section of the Old Testament? What are the themes that are included?

Who Wrote The Bible?
A vital question that deserves serious investigation. An examination of the biblical texts and compelling evidence for divine inspiration.

Who Wrote the Bible Video
Why can we trust the Bible? Special Guest Dr. Frank Turek answers the question.

Zeitgeist Movie
Study the claims of the Zeitgeist movie and see how they stack up to history. What is the truth?

Zeitgeist Movie Video
Did mystery religions influence Christianity? Randall Niles looks at the ancient pagan and mystery religions.

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