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Bible Code Prophecy

QUESTION: Can we know the future from Bible code prophecy?


There have been some amazing discoveries using the Bible codes. Some events seem to have been predicted in Bible code prophecy. It seems that God has indeed "coded" some information into the Bible. At the same time, some people go overboard in their use of Bible code prophecy. Thousands of hours are being spent trying to find the next Bible code instead of studying what the Bible actually says. The Bible is very clear in what it prophesies about the future. We do not need a Bible code to tell us what is going to happen. All we need to do is study the Book of Revelation.

Sometimes Bible code prophecy advocates sound like supermarket tabloids and Nostradamus prophecies. According to some, the Bible codes predict who will win U.S. presidential elections, when and where natural disasters will occur, and/or how terrorism will strike next. The problem with this is that the Bible is clear when it comes to the future. If the Bible predicts something about the future, it is not vague or in language that could be interpreted in many different ways. The Bible prophesies in specifics, not generalities. The Bible codes often cannot be discovered until after the events have already occurred. What is the value in that? If God was going to hide a code about something important that is going to happen, wouldn't He also cause us to discover it before the events occurred?

I believe that we should be studying what the Bible actually says (2 Timothy 3:16-17). We do not need Bible codes to help us in our walk with Jesus Christ. No Bible code prophecy is going to help us be more prepared for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Are some of the Bible codes real and true? Possibly so. Does the Bible anywhere instruct us to look for Bible codes? No. If God wants us to know something about Bible prophecy, will He reveal it to us? Yes.

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