Authors of the Bible

What kind of men were the authors of the Bible?

From shepherd boys to mighty kings, fishermen to scholars, the authors of the Bible came from various backgrounds and occupations. God, in writing His special message of love to you moved the heart and pen of men from many different walks of life. But each man was God's unique messenger.

In 2 Timothy 3:16 Paul shares, however, what each human author had in common. "All scripture is given by inspiration of God..." Why is knowing this important? Because regardless of what kind of men authored the Bible, the true author is God Himself. Yet relaying His message to the hearts of man, God drew from varied backgrounds, skills, and interests because mankind is unique and varied. Whether poetry makes your heart race or if your mind is intrigued with the logic of skillful reasoning, God desires for His message to reach your heart.

Moses, trained in Pharaoh's courts with all the education available to a prince, penned the first five books of the Old Testament. David, a shepherd boy who read God's love in skies, meadows, and star-filled heavens, wrote from a poet's heart. His words dance with life, and joy, and sorrow, and unparalleled praise. Solomon, the wisest man to ever live, penned life messages that still speak as relevantly to the needs of man today as they did when the words first flowed from his pen.

These were the kind of men who served as authors of the Bible. From a simple farmer, to seaworthy fisherman, to Paul, a scholar's scholar, God's voice speaks. He speaks to you of His love, of His willingness to do whatever it takes to reach your heart. He speaks of His own heart that you might know Him and love Him as He loves you.

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